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March 1, 2014


We are excited WIC Week has begun starting tomorrow. I hope everyone has something special happening in you chapters to celebrate this honor. We are 52 years strong and we have many more to come.

Barbara Bergstrom was presented February 12th by the City of Tallahassee Mayor John Marks and the City Commissioners with a Proclamation declaring March 2nd-8th, 2014 as WIC WEEK 2014! Jackie Wilson, Vice President also received another one on Feb. 25th from the Board of Leon County Commissioners! Way to go ladies. We have come a long way.

We have many plans coming up for next week and wishing all a huge success for WIC WEEK 2014! Looking forward to seeing everyone at FORUM in April. Get your racing gear on ladies for Daytona!  

Sandra Y. Davis, CBT, CIT
President, Tallahassee #72


Enjoying some great meetings with our NAWIC Sisters

NAWIC Tallahassee #72
Post Office Box 1533, Tallahassee, Florida 32302.

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